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my_desperate_romance ([personal profile] my_desperate_romance) wrote2016-07-27 01:08 pm
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an update of sorts

I've decided that every time Tumblr irritates me I'm going to do something like writing or updating my blog instead of engaging. It's for my mental sanity.

My writing life is going great. Not as good as some people's, but much better than 2-years-ago!me could have ever predicted. I'm figuring out what I effectively want to do with a long fic I've had planned for a long time and that is now going to be my entry for [ profile] trcbigbang. I don't want to give away the plot just yet (because let's face it, it's still just the hypothesis of a plot), but I might share some snippets soon.

I started writing on Fanlore again, which has put it on hold for the last two days, but I'm starting back today. It's just that I find wiki editing so much fun? I'm a nerd, what can you do. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to prioritize TRC pages over PJO ones (I'm objectively fed up with that fandom), but i'm still going to finish stuff I had left open, and eventually dump some links and suggestions for people who might want to contribute. I'm also thinking I could maybe add pages about 8tracks or soundcloud, but I'm unsure if there's enough fandom activity on there to justify it? Will think it over.

I'm finally starting to understand how to use Twitter (I'm [ profile] gwimof  over there).

It's hot and the first part of my driving exam is on the 4th. Not much going on irl besides that.