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officially released into the wilds

I took my driving theory test this morning. I have no idea how it works elsewhere, but in Italy you take a true-or-false questionnaire about driving regulations and only once you've passed it you're allowed to actually practice driving. And I did! So if you don't hear from me again rest assured I've been killed in a car crash.
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Congrats! In Canada (or maybe just in BC, where I live, I'm not sure) it's a multiple choice test about signs and rules before you can get a Learner's. You have it for a year and then have to take an actual test before you can drive on your own or with more than one passenger. I'm actually going to get mine... soonish... I have to finish reading the driver's handbook and take the practice test a few more times. But that's really cool! Driving is kind of scary, but I'm personally really excited to get my L.