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podcast rec

I was thinking about writing a longer update to show that I'm alive - and I still plan to, but in the meantime I need everyone who's into podcasts and superheroes to check out this amazing Podcast About Superheroes: The Bright Sessions.

It's an audio drama about various superpowered individuals going to therapy. Each episode is a different session, so it's very character-driven and the characters include three-dimensional women (two patients, Sam and Chloe, and the therapist herself, Dr. Bright), a couple of queer teenagers (Caleb and Adam), and the latest in my Moony Crushes On Villains collection (Damien). It gets a more action/scifi plot later on, but without losing anything on the character front. It's currently on hiatus and coming back in October, I think?

But I'll confess, the reason I'm making this post isn't only that I want you to enjoy a very well-made podcast written by one of the most adorable women on the planet. The real reason is this:

screenshot of the ao3 Bright Sessions tag showing 14 works

This, my friends, is clearly unacceptable.

EDIT: I've never properly checked out the Posterchildren, but it's my understanding that if you're into that you're 99% likely to be into this.